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Coming from a background of Fine-Arts and Advertising, I have always loved to work with real people and emotions and hence eventually started Prasad Jindam Photography. I blend my 13 years experience as an Art Director into Wedding Photography, to add that touch of glamour into your memories. My Style is like advertising story-telling - elegant yet editorial and I lay a lot of importance on the moments, composition and at the same time ensure that you are having fun on your big day without having to stress over the pictures being taken.

With respect to my approach on the wedding day, I always begin with you. Right from you getting ready, to covering all the rituals, capturing people & their emotions that keep changing rapidly through the day. I always try to be part of the wedding and take an insider's PoV than look at it as a 3rd person. This helps me sense and capture the wedding in its true spirit and glory. And like I always believe, every wedding has a story to tell and I always try to bring that out in the most dramatic manner as I can.

I feel very lucky that you’ve stumbled upon my work, and I hope we can work together.


Just like marriages are made in heaven, I believe Wedding Photographers are matched there too, cause as in few moments, you’ll know whether my work connects with you. It is truly an awesome feeling when trusted to document the greatest moments in someone’s life.


I truly strive to make your wedding photographs memorable by capturing the way your are as individuals, as a couple and as a family.